General Information


To be eligible to participate in the Malko Competition for Young Conductors 2015, applicants must:

1. Be no younger than 20 and no older than 35. The effective date of age determination shall be the applicant's age as of April 25th, 2015. Applicants who have reached the age of 20 as of this date are eligible to participate in the competition. Applicants who are 36 years of age or older as of this date are not eligible to participate.

2. Have submitted their online application form by 12:00 CET on the 15th of August 2014

3. Have submitted their online video interview by 12:00 CET on the 31st of August 2014

The application and selection process consists of the following parts:
- The online application form (in cooperation with Video Recruit
- The online video interview (in cooperation with Video Recruit)
- The pre-jury interview: 100 applicants will be chosen for an online interview with the Pre-jury
- The Malko Competition: 24 contestants plus 8 reserve contestants will be chosen for the Malko Competition 2015

The pre-selection process
submitting the above data, the applicants will receive an invitation by email to record the following online video interview. The applicants will not know the questions in advance and cannot re-do the interview, thus their answers will be spontaneous.

From the many online applications and video interviews, 100 candidates are selected for further interviews with the pre-jury. The interview with the pre-jury will be based on the applicants' answers in their online application, also, the candidates will receive further information on how to prepare for the interview with the pre-jury.

Finally, 24 contestants plus 8 reserve contestants will be chosen for the Malko Competition 2015.

Practical Information

There are no applicant fees, and participation in The Malko Competition is free for all conductors selected by the pre-jury.

The Malko Competition covers hotel accommodation for those conductors, but only for as long as they are in the competition.

All costs related to participants' travel expenses and meals are at participants' cost.

The total field of applicants selected by the pre-jury - a total of 24 contestants - will receive a contract for signature. Candidates may only participate in the Malko Competition after returning the signed contract.

Special Clauses

It is agreed upon and it will be announced upfront that if there according to the jury is no candidate in the finale who has the quality of a world class conductor of tomorrow, there will be no winner. It is, however, also agreed that having no winner would not be a desirable situation since this would seriously jeopardize the credibility and importance of the competition. The jury will therefore do its utmost to find a winner. Should the competition nevertheless end without a winner, the orchestras mentioned below will be able to choose one of the three finalists as conductor of the respective concerts.

The jury's decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

Media rights
The Competition is a Media Event and will be recorded for both Television and Radio.

The candidates will by submitting their application handle over all rights of the TV and radio- recordings to the Promoter, this includes all pictures taken on- and off stage.

The candidates will also by submitting their application give their permission and recognition to the Promoter to use the candidates' names and pictures in press releases.

The Promoter will expect the candidates to be available for interviews, photo-shoots and all other activities making the Malko Competition attractive for the media audience.